Bonneville Homes

601, rue de l'Industrie
Belœil (Québec) J3G 0S5
(Highway 20, exit 109)

For over 50 years, Bonneville Homes has been committed to designing, manufacturing and marketing innovative, eco-friendly and high-performance housing solutions.

Bonneville R-3000 building system

The Bonneville team has spent years analyzing how houses age over time and react to our severe weather conditions. Our determination to constantly come up with innovative new techniques means our quality standards are more stringent than construction industry requirements.

Armed with this knowledge, we have revolutionized the concepts of quality and performance with our industry-leading Bonneville R-3000 building system. Today's consumer is looking for comfort, quality, durability, design excellence and minimal upkeep costs. And, at Bonneville, that's precisely what we deliver. For these and many other reasons, we are convinced that the factory-built home is the home of the future