Prefabricated House Europe Prefab homes FHS 012

2414 ft²
224 m²

Design of the house based on energy-saving technology: with a thickened thermal insulation layer and a heat recovery system (recovery).
House 23: a project of a plant with a usable area of ​​171.85 m2, with a separate double garage. The building body has been designed in two interlocking rectangles, each with a different function. From the front | a common open space | kitchen with boiler room and pantry, dining room and living room. A private part of the house has been designed in the garden: one bedroom, two bathrooms [one of which can be adapted for economic purposes] and two children’s rooms. On an independent farm and garage, there will be a place for two cars and a workshop for an amateur.

Images are the property of the company Casas Prefabricadas FHS, Calle 19 De Abril No. 8 03193 San Miguel De Salinas


Calle 19 De Abril No. 8
03193 San Miguel De Salinas

Prefabricated Houses of Steel Frame are not really a new concept in the market. For many decades, prefabricated houses were built as a cheap alternative to a conventional building or an apartment. Since the production of these houses has become very fashionable, the company FHS prefabricated houses has specialized in developing these...