Prefabricated House FHS 007 New

2162 ft²
201 m²

Home 11.1 is an offer for investors who want their future home not only to be comfortable, but also to attract attention with its sophisticated form. The building is distinguished by a minimalist and well designed block with a flat roof. The facades of the individual parts of the building were finished with a light plaster of different shades, thanks to which an interesting interpenetration effect of the solids was obtained. Note the large shade of the terrace, which is an attractive extension of the daily part of the rooms. There are also beautiful windows, which extend from floor to ceiling, optimally illuminate the interior and provide a perfect connection with the environment. Home 11.1 is a proposal that could interest owners of small lots because it fits a property of 19,

The first room in which we find ourselves after crossing the threshold of the house 11.1 is a large room. From this interior it is possible to reach a garage with two garages with a boiler room in the back. From the entrance hall there is also a changing room with an adjoining room, which can be used, for example, as a laundry or pantry. Subsequently, there is an open space of a comfortable living room, within which you can designate a place for a comfortable and spacious living room and dining room. At the front, the kitchen is connected by a kitchen separated by a sliding door from the entrance. This solution will prove useful in everyday use, since it shortens the purchase path from the garage to the kitchen.

In the House 11.1 project, a private part of the interior is planned inside the building. At the back of the house there are three comfortable and adjustable bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Images are the property of the company Casas Prefabricadas FHS, Calle 19 De Abril No. 8 03193 San Miguel De Salinas


Calle 19 De Abril No. 8
03193 San Miguel De Salinas

Prefabricated Houses of Steel Frame are not really a new concept in the market. For many decades, prefabricated houses were built as a cheap alternative to a conventional building or an apartment. Since the production of these houses has become very fashionable, the company FHS prefabricated houses has specialized in developing these...