Prefabricated Houses Europe FHS 004

2830 ft²
263 m²

A house on a floor, without basement, with parking for two cars. Designed for a family of four. In the living area there is a living room with a fireplace, a dining room and a kitchen with pantry. Am I here too? bathroom and a large service room. The sleeping area consists of three bedrooms, one with dressing room and bathroom, plus a comfortable bathroom and a dressing room. Furthermore, a functional room has been designed, accessible only from the outside. The building was designed as energy efficient, equipped with mechanical ventilation with recovery. The project also includes a ground heat pump and a solar system. The EX7 house designed in the spirit of modernist minimalism matches the latest trends in architecture. Cool white plaster, straight, thin lines and in contrast? warm, the wood accents combine in a harmonious altimetric composition. On the garden side, an impressive glazing is provided, which invites natural light into the interior and the good, green energy that flows from nature. A great asset of the house is the flexible functional design, which allows residents freedom of disposal. An attractive recreation area is created by a large terrace with interesting design shutters, which act as decorative elements and also protect members of the house from excessive exposure to the sun. EX7 is an offer for lovers of modern design and energy-saving solutions. which allows residents freedom of agreement.

Images are the property of the company Casas Prefabricadas FHS, Calle 19 De Abril No. 8 03193 San Miguel De Salinas


Calle 19 De Abril No. 8
03193 San Miguel De Salinas

Prefabricated Houses of Steel Frame are not really a new concept in the market. For many decades, prefabricated houses were built as a cheap alternative to a conventional building or an apartment. Since the production of these houses has become very fashionable, the company FHS prefabricated houses has specialized in developing these...