Ecologic house, healthy house

1076 ft²
100 m²

Ekobustas has created special house construction that is ecological and friendly to the environment as well as you. Such houses are especially suitable for allergic, sensitive people or for those who want non-standard, non-traditional solutions. For this we use special materials and produce special unique constructions that adjusts the indoor climate and allows you to live comfortably. These are brettstapel massive wood ceilings and floors, natural wood fibre insulation, natural fibre gypsum boards and other.

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Verslo g.
Liūdynė 38130

It is very important that a house in which we live is warm and welcoming. Only this way house becomes what we call home. It is important that we have to want to come back to it again and again. To know that when we leave – part of us...

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