Evoulution house E100 TV

1076 ft²
100 m²

After the 90 TV solution, the 100 sqm solution was designed. called 100 TV
It is a house where internal wellness is at the forefront and the upcoming laws on renewable sources, recently updated, are fully respected:
- additional insulation to coat
- ventilated phonodry roof with exposed beams
- the new controlled ventilation system

In addition to the usual accessories, the following elements are also available:
- additional service - external porch
- single / double car parking space
- laundry

Images are the property of the company E.M.E. Ursella, Via dei Mulini 9 33030 Buia UD


Via dei Mulini 9
33030 Buia UD

We take care of the supply and installation of structural elements, while the finishes, internal arrangements and systems can be designed, managed and implemented in-house or with other trustworthy companies also in subsequent times "do it yourself". 

In this way, we give our customers the opportunity to choose the stage...

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