Frame House Kit

Ūdens iela 20/22
Kurzemes rajons, Rīga, LV-1007

  • Do you wish to build a perfect house?
  • Do you want to build environmentally friendly and energy efficient house?
  • Do you already have a project and you are thinking how to make it work?
  • We will make all your wishes come true!
  • Buy the low energy house of your dreams here!

Warm, comfortable, beautiful, ecological house. Your house.

  • Wooden frame-panel technology houses of high-end class.
  • Concerning actual requirements for residential buildings the frame technology is the optimal solution.
  • This statement is not an advertisement slogan, but a scientific fact.
  • As we know, the optimal solution is the one which maximizes or minimizes a certain parameter within the restrictions set.
  • In modern construction this parameter is energetic effectiveness.

We see our main mission in helping people to build a house of their dreams – beautiful, warm, comfortable, ecological, modern, and, of course, of the highest quality, and to save a lot of time, efforts and money.

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