Prefabricated house Maisons Bonneville Micro-Natur

1008 ft²
94 m²

Micro-Natur is the answer to consumers’ ever-evolving needs by merging the two most popular series, Micro-Loft and Natur ones, and is capitalizing on the best attributes of both. At 1,008 square feet (16’/27’ x 20’/50’), Micro-Natur is the most spacious home in the Micro-Loft series. Its single-storey design, which can be adapted to suit individual needs, has two bedrooms (extendible to three), a full bathroom with laundry facilities and an immense living area for the ultimate in comfort and convenience. And the benefits of the outdoor sports equipment storage and rooftop deck cannot be overstated

Images are the property of the company Bonneville Homes, 601, rue de l'Industrie Belœil (Québec) J3G 0S5 (Highway 20, exit 109)


601, rue de l'Industrie
Belœil (Québec) J3G 0S5
(Highway 20, exit 109)

For over 50 years, Bonneville Homes has been committed to designing, manufacturing and marketing innovative, eco-friendly and high-performance housing solutions.

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