Radvanjska cesta 3
2000 Maribor

Benefits of Promles houses:

  • 60 years warranty on the house construction.
  • At least 30 years warranty on roofing.
  • At least 10 years warranty on building furniture.
  • Promles houses are certificated by Institute OTTO GRAF in Stuttgart.
  • We use the highest quality class materials which are satisfying the highest European standards. They are also made in EU.
  • All low energy houses are isolated with at least 0,18 W/m2K.

Benefits of building Promles houses:

  • If you want we can do all of the work connected with construction. Projecting, installation of the base plate, arrangement of the landscape and the construction of the house.
  • We will gladly give you advice and lead you through construction process.
  • Quick construction. 100 days till moving in a finalized house.
  • We have our own team of professional contractors. That is why we and consequently our customers save time and money.
  • Our professional team has built more than 150 facilities in Slovenia and Europe.
  • We always give you enough time to decide on different parts or fazes.
    (Example: When the house is placed we give you 2-3 days to tell us where to install switches, sockets, lights, speakers, etc.
  • We make sure that the construction process of your house is an adventure, without any stress or worries.

4 points of ‘How to get a PROMLES house:

  1. Call us so we can arrange a meeting.
  2. On the meeting we will discuss your wishes and find out what kind of house would you like. Our designers will gladly help you.
  3. When the contract is signed we order the chosen house and one month later it is on the building location.
  4. After maximum 100 days the house is ready to move in.

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