Prefabricated house Pixel

915 ft²
85 m²

If any of our houses are 'unusual', then this is definitely the Pixel House. The Atrium House is urban designed, especially because of its facade, reminiscent of modern times. We also played a bit with colors and achieved a contrast between the 'pixel' and the facade, which gives the house a fresh and dynamic look.

Images are the property of the company Promles, Radvanjska cesta 3 2000 Maribor


Radvanjska cesta 3
2000 Maribor

Benefits of Promles houses:

  • 60 years warranty on the house construction.
  • At least 30 years warranty on roofing.
  • At least 10 years warranty on building furniture.
  • Promles houses are certificated by Institute OTTO GRAF in Stuttgart.
  • We use the highest quality class materials which are satisfying the highest European standards....

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