Swedish House Company

The Swedish House Company follows an almost Japanese-like philosophy of continuous improvement.

We take pride in the knowledge that we sustain a cutting edge within the industry but don’t jump in on every latest fad. We don’t change the fundamentals of our proven technology but constantly examine the system and processes to see if there is anything we can do better.

We listen closely to our customers. We believe that by investing your money where it counts; in the top quality super insulated fabric of the building, your home will be ‘future-proof’.

Every Swedish House massively exceeds our government’s ambitious targets for low energy use and carbon emissions. We design our homes for solar energy capture but also to incorporate the evolution of sustainable energy technology.

We will respect you as an individual and produce a design for your home that reflects your taste and turns your vision into reality.

We will provide you with a personal and expert service that’s comprehensive and as efficient as it is intelligent and expert.

So that’s our philosophy: to provide beautiful, individual, ecologically sound and (very) practical homes.

Come to one of our ‘Open days’ at our client’s homes around the country and see for yourself the beautiful homes that they have created and meet the owners who have achieved their dreams.

Find out from their personal experience the real benefits of building a Swedish home.

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