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It is a number of advantages that make the difference to all other producers of prefabricated houses.

1. More financial security and quality assurance

As partner for your new home we do not only assure the quality of our products and services but also give financial security. In fact there are five major points for our customers’ reassurance:
First a first class rating certificate, second a fix price guarantee, third the energy pass and fourthly, an insurance for the payment installments for one year, in case a customer is out of work. Last but not least the payment is directly connected step by step to the progress of the construction and assembly of your house.

VARIO-HAUS: Gives your life a secure home.

2. Low energy or passive house construction

For years VARIO-HAUS has pursued the concept of developing and constructing homes that are not only totally in accord with the spirit of protecting the climate and the environment but also reduce energy consumption.
First class examples of the innovative abilities of VARIO-HAUS is the first prefabricated passive house VARIO-HAUS del Sole in the year 2000 and the introduction of VARIO-HAUS VISION – the active passive house – in 2010. The photovoltaic system on the roof generates more power per year than can be consumed by a four-person-household.
VARIO-HAUS: Gives innovation an energy saving home.

3. Excellent quality made in Austria

The product quality of VARIO-HAUS is principally based on two pillars. On the one hand it’s the 100 craftsmen, technical staff, carpenters and master-builders who guarantee the best artisan quality.

On the other hand it’s the production site, one of the most state-of-the-art in Europe. State of technology computer aided production machines guarantee precision by the millimeter and maximum quality of all prefabricated parts and components.
VARIO-HAUS: Gives first class quality a home.
4. Energy saving construction: EnergyLine

The EnergyLine package is standard and “all inclusive”. It includes a 41.1 cm wall construction with an installation duct, three-pane-EnergyLine-windows, improved heat insulation in the ceiling and roof area, 17 cm floor construction on the ground and first floor, safety glazing, energy pass, smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher plus complete planning and price guarantee.
VARIO-HAUS: Gives superb quality “all inclusive” a home.
5. Individual building solutions – 100% customized

As the brand name VARIO-HAUS implies: 100 % variability and flexibility. Our homes are not off the shelf but as individually designed and constructed as possible. Flexibility and variability in our thinking, planning and building is our credo. It’s your wishes, dreams and ideas we want to realize, with or without your architect.
VARIO-HAUS: Gives your individual ideas a home.
6. 30 Years of know-how and thousands of customers

A building company without expert experience in various building materials, building and house techniques, fittings, decoration and equipment cannot have thousands of perfectly satisfied customers. The know-how of working with specialists, architects and above all the public authorities is an essential part of the VARIO-HAUS scope of service.

Furthermore VARIO-HOUSE holds a number of certificates of excellence. For example the Austria Gütezeichen (Austrian Mark of Quality) and the prefabricated house mark of quality. 1997 the company has received the European approval conformity (ETZ). VARIO-BAU is also klima:aktiv partner in Austria.
VARIO-HAUS: Gives know-how and experience a home.
7. Services as general contractor

All necessary building studies and services are delivered by the VARIO-HAUS planning department: development studies of the premises, official floor plans, the construction permit as well as all administrative work before the erection.

The construction by VARIO-HAUS as general contractor from the basement up to the turn key house includes all supply lines and outside facilities. Structural calculation, calculation of the energy key figures and site management are also part of the job.
VARIO-HAUS: Gives the services you need a home.
8. Close to our customers

Customer proximity is a key word for VARIO-HAUS. We do not only want to listen to your ideas, beliefs and personal wishes but also give competent advice and information by our regional distribution partners or the VARIO-HAUS agents in our show houses .

VARIO-HAUS: Gives customer proximity a home.
9. VARIO-HAUS pays your rent for six months

After a purchase contract has been signed and the financing is guaranteed by the bank in writing VARIO-HAUS will take over your momentary lease costs for six months up to a certain limit.

The quality of a solid financing of house building cannot only be assessed in Euros. Individual consultations, flexibility and a profound knowledge of all possible government grants are basic essentials for sound financing offers for your new home.

The VARIO-HAUS distribution partners and agents together with their partners from the “S-Wohnfinanz” are glad to prepare a full-service package for financing you new VARIO-HAUS home.

VARIO-HAUS: Gives financing of house building a home.
10. Perfect scope of delivery “all inclusive”

Development studies of the premises, detailed plans by the architects, plans for the basement, official floor plans, the construction permit as well as all administrative work before the erection are all included in the house price as well as the supervision during construction and assembly. Every customer will have his or her “personal construction manager”.

Safety glazing, energy pass, smoke detectors, a fire extinguisher, snow stops and safety hooks on the roof and aluminium rolling shutters are already included in the EnergyLine Package.

VARIO-HAUS: Gives a perfect scope of delivery a home.

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