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4644 Scharnstein

Individual Building

Special wishes? We're always delighted to help!
Our own planning department is what makes us so amazingly flexible, all kinds of special wishes and exceptions are no more than a standard for us.

Individual prefabricated-houses

Nothing is ever inflexible and “written in stone” when you come to WOLF: This is how it is possible for us to fit in so very many planning variations and special wishes in our standard house types without incurring significant additional costs

Prefabricated Houses

Try our House Finder for finding just what you are looking for in your individual selection from all our house types using various selection criteria.


A BUNGALOW is exactly the right choice for you when you want to enjoy the advantages of barrier-free living on a single floor level with all the freedoms this brings for living, catering and sleeping and you love and prefer the appearance of a classic flat one floor design.