Combino Cult - prefabricated house - amazing flexibility

1341 ft²
125 m²

Never before have you experienced such amazing flexibility in a prefabricated house. You can let your imagination run wild with the unique choice of ground plans at your disposal.

flexibility is freedom
You have complete freedom in the roof type for your house: from a 2° pent roof to a 42° gable roof. An enormous range of possibilities is open to you for the exterior design too, from a plastered facade to timber panelling and of course in any combinations you can think of.

With COMBINO you can be sure of finding the tailored solution for your personal architectural style.

Images are the property of the company WOLF Haus, Fischerbühel 1 4644 Scharnstein


Fischerbühel 1
4644 Scharnstein

Individual Building

Special wishes? We're always delighted to help!
Our own planning department is what makes us so amazingly flexible, all kinds of special wishes and exceptions are no more than a standard for us.

Individual prefabricated-houses

Nothing is ever inflexible and “written in stone” when you come to WOLF:...